Environmental footprint


In the ERE 132 home, visitors can access an application enabling them to assess the economic, social and environmental impact of their own eventual construction project or renovation.

From a mobile or tablet, the simulation module presents 20 elements of interest (materials, processes, procedures and equipment that all have a low environmental impact) that are used in the ERE 132.

batir cest chosirEco-construction conveys environmental, economic and social values. For each of the 20 items, visitors make choices among all those shown according to their value system and as if it was their own construction or renovation project. For example, will they choose locally available materials that are low-energy renewable resources?

At the end of the exercise, visitors receive a custom result revealing the environmental impact of choices made in terms of their values regarding sustainable consumption.

The data are stored in a database, allowing visitors to compare their results with those of other users or to share their results with family, friends and colleagues.

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  1. Environmental landscape management — choice of plants
  2. Efficient use of water outside — paving
  3. Efficient use of water inside — appliances and fixtures (toilets)
  4. Energy strategies — structural elements (walls)
  5. Energy strategies — openings (windows)
  6. Energy strategies — passive solar heating (orientation of the home)
  7. Energy strategies — heating system
  8. Energy strategies — heating system (heat recovery ventilator)
  9. Energy strategies — water heating (water heater)
  10. Energy Strategies - water heating (drain water heat recovery)
  11. Energy Strategies - lighting
  12. Materials and resources - insulation
  13. Materials and resources - roofing
  14. Materials and resources – exterior wall cladding
  15. Materials and resources – interior wall cladding
  16. Materials and resources - window and door frames
  17. Materials and resources - floor coverings
  18. Materials and resources - cabinet doors
  19. Materials and resources - integrated furniture (kitchen and bathroom cabinets)
  20. Health and welfare – protection against radon gas (radon aeration column)