Environmental footprint


The challenge with eco-construction is being able to live comfortably while reducing one’s environmental footprint.

Making the choice to live in an ecologically balanced environment means making many choices, big and small. Added together, these choices will contribute significantly to reducing the impact of our activities. From this perspective, the ERE 132 home illustrates how eco-construction constitutes an intelligent option in reducing the environmental footprint in residential construction.

The strategies minimizing the environmental footprint of the ERE 132:

  • ecoconstructionReduced materials — compact home, reduced living space
  • Reduced energy consumption — passive solar heating; adequate insulation and sealing; energy-efficient doors, windows and lighting; heat exchangers; high efficiency appliances
  • Use of high quality durable materials and equipment that are of low impact on the environment and health — certified wood, eco-friendly materials that are sustainable and/or recycled, appliances that reduce water consumption, appropriate ventilation

Total footprint of the ERE 132 Eco Home (results pending)