The ere 132 eco home is a research lab

Benefits of the monitoring program

Labo Sonde ToitThese assessment tools developed for the ERE 132 allow for the monitoring of materials, equipment and technologies used at each stage of their lifecycle.

The data generated serve:

  • to deepen our knowledge
  • to validate the various choices made during the design of the ERE 132 Eco Home
  • to monitor the natural wear and tear of the Eco Home
  • to allow for the necessary readjustments to improve the overall performance of sustainable buildings in general

Usefulness of the generated data

The data acquired from the monitoring program of the ERE 132 Eco Home are available on Excel spreadsheets. They answer these questions:

Labo Installation Sonde Mur

  • What is the energy demand, in real time, of each of the appliances? 
  • How comfortable is the home in terms of heat due to the very low heat output?
  • With respect to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2) and radon, is the air quality significantly better than that of a conventional home?
  • What is the performance of the building’s envelope with its double-stud walls and its possible thermal bridging?
  • How much energy is stored in the concrete by passive solar heating?
  • Does the night-time cooling, in summer, really allow for going without mechanical air conditioning during the day?