What is the cheapest energy? The energy that is not used!

Radiant floor heating

Energie PlancherRadiantWhat a pleasure it is to walk on a heated floor! Efficient and quiet, the radiant floor heating system presents a clear advantage in terms of design layout by causing no loss of area space.


The heated floor, whether it is heated by electrical resistance elements (electric system) or by water flowing in pipes (hydronic system), works by radiation. Infrared waves emitted by the heated source allows for the heating of the floor and the surrounding walls, without heating the air. The heat, therefore, radiates more throughout the room leading to a very comfortable environment.

A network of pipes, in which circulates a fluid (usually water) is attached to the previously installed insulation. This is then covered with a 5 cm (2 inches) concrete slab that protects it. The slab-on-grade also provides a thermal mass that contributes to absorbing the effects of drastic temperature changes. This system can also be applied to the walls and to the ceiling.


  • Good distribution of heat in the room
  • Completely silent, odorless, no dust particles
  • Does not take up floor or wall space
  • Adapts to many modes of heating — boilers, furnaces, solar installation, geothermal heating, heat pump


  • Its installation is expensive and its coefficient of performance (COP) is not high. The system can therefore be costly in energy. It is installed for the above-mentioned advantages and not for its energy efficiency.