What is the cheapest energy? The energy that is not used!

Electrical terminal

Living 25 km (15.5 miles) from work means travelling 50 km (31 miles) a day or 250 km (155 miles) a week. These trips are equivalent to 260 hours in a car per year while emitting 2.73 tonnes of greenhouse gases!

Some neighborhoods promote public transportation, cycling or walking, but for many families in Quebec, these modes of transportation do not represent a realistic option. In this case, a good way to reduce one’s carbon footprint is to opt for the electric car.

Energie BorneElectriqueThe electric car was created in 1834. Since 1899 the electric car has exceeded the 100 km/h (62 mph). In the early 20th century, more than a third of the cars on the market were electric. They have now almost disappeared, for many reasons related to the oil industry.

Quebec, the goal is that one car out of four will be electric by 2020. Currently, it is even possible to benefit from a discount ranging from $4,000 to $8,000 with the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle.

In a market context fraught with tension over the high price of oil together with continued research for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the electric car will probably attain a more prominent place in our society. It will present itself as an interesting solution in the long term, considering that the most efficient models allow for a travelling range of 160 to 500 km (99 to 310 miles).

Its cost varies between $35,000 and $70,000. If its source of electricity comes from hydro-electricity, it will allow for the 10-fold reduction of CO2 emissions in comparison to that of a traditional car. As a matter of fact, the electric car does not emit CO2 when it is running, but only pollutes when it is recharging. If the electricity comes from coal, it is not really green!

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As of March 2015, 382 public charging terminals became available in Quebec to owners of electric cars.

To facilitate the charging of your (future) electric car, do as the ERE 132 home, and plan for a suitable outlet near your entranceway. Most homes heated by electricity have the capacity to accommodate an electrical terminal. The installation is simple and fast and you can even take advantage of financial support to buy and install your terminal..


Desjardins Insurance allocates insurance rebates to its customers who purchase or lease an electric vehicle.

Drive Electric Program

  • Rebate on the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle.
  • Financial assistance for any individual who purchases and installs a 240-volt charging station at home.

Program Plug in at work

  • The Friends of the Reford Gardens have benefited from financial assistance covering 75% of the costs of the acquisition of their electrical terminal.
  • Desjardins Green Savings