Design of the ERE 132 Eco Home


The idea that a basement is essential to a home is well rooted in Quebec’s culture. However, the question needs to be asked as to why a home theatre room, a guest room or even storage space cannot be on the first or second floor. 

dalle sur solJust think about it: basements can present many risks and inconveniences: humidity, flooding, mold, lack of light.

The basement is also a space that has a very high environmental impact because it significantly increases the amount of cement necessary for construction. A tonne of Portland cement produces nearly a tonne of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Instead, opt for concrete flooring that is suitable for new construction on almost all types of surfaces. More economical and more environmentally friendly than constructing a basement, concrete also has the advantage of being able to be used for the foundation walls and footings.

The concrete floor of the ERE 132 Eco Home allows for a reduction of 3.9 tonnes of GHG emissions compared to a bungalow with a basement.

compensate for the lack of space, an additional floor can be built: a solution that is more energy-efficient, presents fewer environmental hazards, is more comfortable and has a higher resale value! More and more contractors are building in this manner.