Build green, it pays off

Benefits for builders and contractors

In building good quality homes that are LEED® certified, a professional builder can distinguish himself and thus have his projects gain environmental recognition:

  • Inspection and verification by an independent third party
  • International recognition
  • Performance-based assessment


LEED® housing performs better from an environmental standpoint, is better for health, more comfortable, more economic and has an environmental footprint that is below average :

  • Energy savings between 30% to 70%; each LEED® home receives an EnerGuide rating that indicates its level of efficiency
  • Consumption of water up to two times less than in a conventional house
  • Decrease in the exposure to occupants of many noxious substances by the use of eco-friendly materials, the control of radon and suitable ventilation
  • Better performance from an environmental standpoint, for health, comfort and savings; its environmental footprint is below average
  • novo climatLEED® certification is complementary to the Novoclimat 2.0 program that encourages the construction of new, high energy performance homes, in accordance with specific construction requirements. A Novoclimat 2.0 home provides a savings of 20% on energy costs compared to a home built in accordance with the Quebec Construction Code. The construction greatly improves indoor air quality and offers more comfort to the occupants.