super heros ecolo maison ere 132In this section, you will discover various tips and tricks to protect the Earth and to live better, healthier lives. You'll also find educational internet sites, some applications to wake up your inner green superhero and a list of inspirational books to help you understand the planet.

If your parents are building or renovating your home, help them choose natural materials that come from your region: wood, straw, slate, brick….
It is very cold in Quebec. You wear a warm woolen sweater and a coat that protects you from the wind. Your home also needs insulating materials and airtight walls to prevent the cold air from coming in.
Environmentally-friendly paint is a product that does not smell bad and will not harm your health: That’s what you need for your bedroom and for the whole home.
If you are old enough to take a shower, opt for it rather than taking a bath. You will use twice as less water!
To be a real chef in the kitchen, grow plants and vegetables at home. They will be pesticide-free and always fresh.
Become an expert at sorting: paper, plastic and glass, fruit and vegetable peels. Think about recycling and composting as much as you can.
Avoid buying food with a lot of packaging. Waste pollutes the earth and its oceans.

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Flic Flac!
Don’t waste water. Tell dad to turn off the tap when he is washing the dishes and turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth.
When things make you sick, you don’t feel well. Choose environmentally-friendly products that are fragrance-free to clean yourself and to clean your home. Also, avoid foam-backed carpeting: it is dangerous to your health.